Tornado, huge hailstones and floods in France weather chaos

 A mini-tornado, rain, and giant hailstones have wreaked havoc across France this weekend, with a church spire destroyed in Indre-et-Loire, cars smashed in Doubs, and flooding in Essonne and Reims. 

The church in the Indre-et-Loire village of Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil was damaged by a tornado, with strong gusts of wind toppling the spire. The falling stonework damaged cars underneath.

The commune’s salle des fĂȘtes was also damaged, as were surrounding vines in the village’s wine-growing areas. No human injuries have been reported. 

 Meanwhile, in Vercel-Villedieu-le-Camp in Doubs, hailstones the size of tennis balls fell, smashing through car windows, and causing major damage to windscreens.

Heavy rain and strong winds also caused flooding and damage in Essonne in Ile-de-France, and in Reims, Grand Est.


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