Tonga hit by tsunami after volcanic eruption-videos

 A tsunami has flooded Tonga's capital after a large volcanic eruption from an undersea volcano. Other Pacific islands have issued advisories and have cautioned residents to seek higher ground.

The Pacific island of Tonga experienced a large volcanic eruption Saturday followed by a tsunami that flooded parts of the capital, Nuku'alofa. 

The surge wave reached a height of 2.7 feet (83 centimeters) in Nuku'alofa, according to the US-based Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. There is no information yet on property damage or casualties.

 The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said tsunami waves measuring 2 feet in height were observed by sea-level gauges in Pago Pago, the capital of the US territory of American Samoa, around 940 kilometers (580 miles) from Tonga. 

Officials there initially issued a tsunami warning, and told residents to "immediately" evacuate to higher ground. The warning was lifted  shortly thereafter. 

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