The Pink lake In Australia Is None Less Than The 8th wonder

Everyone sitting beside the lake and wondered what made this like this, someone changed the saturation or mixing tons of Color on a daily routine basis. You will also get amazed after dynamic Color nature of lake in Westgate Park, Melbourne, Australia. From few days lake specify a different range of Color (Pink) which can cause much anxiety and questions in someone’s mind. As Color is out of the blue and doesn’t make any sense to the natural phenomena but that’s the different way it goes. Westgate Park is now a hotspot for tourists including Taiwan, China, New Zealand, and Queensland. Lake got so much hype when it’s Color changes pink as tourists always have a look when they are roaming around the corner.

The reason of this change is green algae mixing with a purplish bacterium, which in turn reacts with the salt crust at the bottom of the water. According to biologist Peter Beech “ There’s a couple of organisms in the water that causes the pink pigmentation”. He also added, “Summer conditions cause the water to evaporate. Which increase the salt content and brightens the appearance of the lake. And We’ll go back to the mundane color in the week, maybe a couple of weeks”. But the debate is going on for the correct assumption of the Color many believed that it is Pink whereas some locals don’t agree with the fact and state this is purple.

We see climate changes, weather changes and hour condition of the natural phenomena but this happened once in a blue moon. It enhances the capacity of visitors in the park and many more want to witness the strange phenomena of nature

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