These Frozen Lighthouses Are Straight Out of a Fairy Tale


The bitter cold of the coast is captured in stunning photographs that show the harsh affect of winter as it freezes every drop of winter.

Ice laden bridges and lighthouses are among the cold weather pictures by Illinois based photographer Tom Gill.

Among the amazing shots is a stunning picture is the 35-tall St. Joseph lighthouse in Michigan.

'The 35 foot tall outer light often receives a thick layer of ice during winter storms. This year was no exception,' Mr Gill writes on his blog about the massive frozen layer covering the lighthouse.

Though the frigid lake that surrounds the lighthouse is frozen, is is quite slippery and the photographer braved the chilling walk to capture the stunning scene. 

He managed to make his way right next to the massive ice sculpture and even stood below the icicle laden structure for photograph it from below. 

'Probably not a safe place to stay, but worth a bit of risk for such an unusual view,' he said in retrospect.

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