Storms caused serious damage in Winfield,Alabama,USA

Storms caused serious damage in Winfield Wednesday night.

Deputies with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Winfield was hit by storms. Law enforcement officers are assessing the damage.

No injuries have been reported.

From Winfield Police Chief Brett Burleson:

Storm damage has been reported in the City of Winfield. Emergency crews are on the scene assessing the damage at this time. We can report, several trees and powerlines are down making some roads impassable and hazardous. Winfield Police Chief Brett Burleson requests everyone stay clear from the area to allow emergency personnel to work. Neighboring law enforcement and emergency medical personnel have responded and are assisting. Please do not tie up emergency lines for non-emergency calls for service at this time. We will continue to send updates as they become available.

Chief Burleson says most of the structural damage was in the downtown Winfield area with roofs laying in the road, and buildings with walls collapsed.

The Chief also said they already had a report of some folks looting a business. No arrests were made.

The Chief said, “If you don’t have to come down here don’t. There are lines down, glass in the road, nails. It’s dangerous, if you don’t have to be here.”

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