Storm rains bushels of fish on Texarkana,Texas,USA (VIDEO)

 At least four locations in town reported a free-fall of fish either during or in the aftermath of two storms that blew through here Wednesday afternoon.

Among the places that pelted by fish were Discount Wheel & Tire and Tiger Stadium, both on Summerhill Road on the Texas side of town.

Arkansas-side resident Melissa Curry was the first to call the Gazette to report the strange occurrence. She and her husband were leaving their home Wednesday afternoon when they discovered as many as two dozen small fish scattered around the back yard and side yard of their Victorian home.

“There were every bit of 20 fish out here.,” Curry said. “we were flabbergasted. “

Tim Brigham, manager of Discount Wheel and Tire at 3223 Summerhill Road, said he saw some fish falling during a thunderstorm that popped up Wednesday afternoon.

“It was hailing and looked like there was about to be a tornado,” he said. “And there were fish falling.”

Brigham estimated there were between 25 and 30 fish and some were several inches long. There were at least as many on a lot to the north of his property.

“My grandpa had told me about stuff like this happening sometimes,” he said. “A storm will go over a creek or river and pick up fish.”

After the storm, cleared, around dusk, Brigham had an employee pick those in front of his building up and pile them behind the business so customers wouldn’t accidentally step on them in his parking lot.

A reporter witnessed at least 15 to 20 shiny dead fish in the pile, some 6 to 7 inches long and with a girth of a couple inches or more. When he arrived and opened his car door, maybe an hour after the fact, the air smelled like fish, like the mild scent that hangs outside a fish market or at a fishing dock along a lake.

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