Shark still hunting for food despite missing half its body (VIDEO)


Scientists were left in disbelief after spotting a 'zombie shark' still hunting for food - despite being half-eaten in an attack by other sharks.

Dr Mario Lebrato had released the oceanic black tip shark back into waters just off the coast of Spain, however it was soon ambushed.

The 35-year-old believes that the attack was carried out by bull sharks, which can weigh up to an incredible 400kg, according to the Mirror.

Incredibly, the black tip shark continued to fight back and attempted to escape the onslaught - despite having a large portion of its body bitten off.


  1. They should have shot it and put out of its misery

  2. How can they say its still fishing when it being held by a hook n line, sgark is not free to leave, they just holding it to see what other sharks do to it,
    Cruel & unnecessary behaviour..

  3. So this would be scientists doing fake news...

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