Harrowing Pics Show Impact Of Kenya's Drought

 In this aerial view, the bodies of six giraffes lie on the outskirts of Eyrib village in Sabuli Wildlife Conservancy in Wajir County, Kenya. 

The giraffes, weak from lack of food and water, died after they got stuck in mud as they tried to drink from a nearly dried-up reservoir nearby. 

They were moved to this location to prevent contamination of the reservoir water. A prolonged #drought in the country's north east has created food and water shortages, pushing pastoralist communities and their livestock to the brink. 

The area has received less than a third of normal rainfall since September. In #Eyrib village residents told me that they were experiencing the worst drought in living memory and it hadn't rained for two years. Around the world, the climate crisis is changing the lives of millions who do the least harm to the planet.

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