Greece: A spider veil covered everything in Aitoliko

For another year, the huge veil of spiders that has covered the plants in a length of 300 meters causes an impression in Aitoliko, Greece and specifically in the eastern beach of the lagoon. 

The eerie images taken back in 2018 that had attracted the interest of the media from all over the world returned to the area this year as well. It is a seasonal phenomenon, which mainly occurs in late summer and early autumn, and is caused by spiders of the genus Tetragnatha. 

The Messolonghi-Akarnik Mountains "Lagoon Management Agency" had explained that "the mosquito effect was naturally followed by the overgrowth of spider populations, which weaved tissues on every possible surface near the flight areas of the mosquitoes. The most recent background for their tissues were riparian small trees and shrubs. " It is expected that when the temperatures drop and the mosquito reproduction decreases, they will gradually disappear and the spiders and their tissues will be rinsed after the first heavy rains. 



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