Amazing photos show a BLUE volcano lighting up the skies of East Java, Indonesia

Jaw-dropping photos show a so-called 'blue volcano' lighting up the skies of Indonesia as mesmerised tourists watch on.

The incredible pictures show the Kawah Ijen volcano in East Java, Indonesia shooting 16-foot-high bright blue beams into the sky in a remarkable display.

According to experts the blue glow isn't actually from the lava, which is a similar colour to most other volcanoes, but from the gas emitted from the mountain.

here is a high quantity of sulphuric gas at Kawah Ijen which when exposed to the oxygen in the air and sparked by the lava burns a bright blue.

The Ijen volcano complex has some of the highest levels of sulphur in the world. This dense collection of the gas, when exposed to oxygen and lit by the molten hot lava burns blue. 

Unlike regular volcanoes whose bright red lava is visible in the day, Kawah Ijen's blue burning flames can only be seen at night.

The spectacular shots were taken by travel planner Donny Nugraha Pratama, 32, from Tangerang, Indonesia.

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