Malaysia: At least 14 people have died after massive floods


At least 14 people have died and tens of thousands are displaced following some of the worst floods Malaysia has seen in decades.

Three days of torrential rain over the weekend caused severe flooding in eight states, partially submerging a number of towns and villages.

The government has come under fierce criticism for not issuing warnings in time and being slow to respond.

There are fears the death toll will rise sharply as more bodies are found.

As of Monday, an estimated 51,000 people had been evacuated from their homes. Most of them were from Pahang on the eastern coast of the Malay peninsula, one of the worst-hit states.

Selangor, the prosperous and densely populated state which encircles the capital city Kuala Lumpur, was also severely affected.

Images circulating online showed parts of central Kuala Lumpur submerged over the weekend by water levels not seen since a massive flood in 1971.

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